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At Rhino Lights LLC we engineer, develop, test and manufacture our own technology™ with an established business location in Huntersville, North Carolina. That means we will be here when you need us! Unlike many competitors who are fly by night china resellers. Stop by our showroom anytime!

Rhino Lights LLC is known for our exceptional quality on everything we engineer and our led bundles are no different. Our fully expandable led systems with our proprietary Boosting Technology™ we created allows you to control the MOST LEDs then any other system on the planet using a single bluetooth controller!

Who We Are:

At Rhino Lights LLC we engineered a lighting system that can control an incredible amount of LEDs using one bluetooth controller! Around 4,800 leds with one of our proprietary Boosting Technology™ boards. Unlike many competitors we developed our own technology instead of ordering from china! Stop by our showroom anytime!

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Some of the best overengineered products on the market today!

Brightest Whips on the market that i've ever seen!

Definitely recommend these rock lights! Hands down! We went back and forth, and they’ve came up with the best rock lights in the market! Whips are stupid bright, rock lights look amazing! And best of all, all made in America!

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